My name is Marina Williams and I am a licensed mental health counselor here in Boston, MA.  I have worked in a variety of mental health settings including 6 years of private practice.

I started this blog, not because I believe I have all the answers, but because I know I don’t.  This blog is more of a record of my journey as a navigate through a career that is both highly challenging, rewarding, and well, not written about often from the perspective of a therapist.  My hope is that as I continue through this journey, learning things along the way, that you the reader can benefit from these lessons as well and hopefully learn from my mistakes.

Will there be frustrations along the way?  Absolutely!  Will there be success and triumphs?  I hope so!  But most of all, I hope there is discussion.  Counseling is often such an isolating career and the world around us is changing so rapidly.  We, as a profession, need to be willing and able to adapt to these changes if we hope to survive.  A crucial part of that is to have an open dialogue.  One of my hopes for this blog is that it can be a catalyst to get therapists talking.

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My name is Marina Williams and I am a licensed mental health counselor with a private practice in Jamaica Plain, MA. This website is my professional website devoted to my activities as a therapist. If you are interested in finding out more about my private practice, please visit my other website


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