And just when you think you’ve figured it out…

Therapist Jenny Glick did an informal poll asking therapists in private practice if they noticed a slowing down or an increase in referrals this month.  Some responded that there was a definite slowing down, while others said that they noticed a boost in referrals due to the holiday stress.  Interestingly enough, others noticed a switch as of recently: that it used to be slow this time of year but that recently it has sped up, or visa versa.  I’ve noticed

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Providing better service really comes down to just one thing

Throughout much of our careers as therapists we’re really just focused on becoming better therapists and we think that’s really all there is to it.  We go to seminars, trainings, we read books, we seek supervision and consultation, and if we’re really good we seek feedback from our clients.  Then when we go into private practice we realize that it’s so much more than just being a good therapist.  We need to know how to run a good business.  Suddenly

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Why I’m still taking insurance

If you read the other blogs out there that are geared towards therapists, then you know that a major theme is that we therapists should stop taking insurance.  It would certainly make my life easier if I did this:  No more battling with the insurance when they randomly decide to deny a claim.  I could drastically cut down my paperwork and use that time for other things.  I could name my own fees instead of having the insurance companies decide

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A time to reap and a time to sow

A lot of therapists are giving a sigh of relief that it’s now September.  The months of July and August were brutal for many of us with decreased business and referrals coming in.  Although last year I didn’t experience a “summer slow down”, this year I did,  The month of July was very intense.  I found myself losing clients left and right with no referrals coming in.  Many clients told me that they wanted to take the summer off and

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My best tips for reducing cancellations!

Cancellations are the bane of every therapist.  You think you have a full schedule, then Surprise!  You get a ton of cancellations!  Cancellations keep you from taking on new clients because you think you have a full schedule when you really don’t.  Cancellations keep you from having a life because it means you have to book way more clients than you would like in order to make up for all the cancellations.  It’s also very frustrating to be sitting at

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“Business problems are really just personal problems in disguise”

Like many of you, I attended part of the MYOB webinar series.  For me, there was a moment that really stuck out for me.  It was when Deb Legge said “Business problems are really just personal problems in disguise”.  This was probably not meant to be some big moment in the series, but for me it was and this single sentence was the most valuable thing I got out of the whole thing. When I heard Deb say this, it

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9 steps to becoming a better bill collector

This is a topic that no therapist likes, yet it’s one that just about every therapist struggles with.  It’s something that I had been struggling with for probably the past 5 years, but I’ve gotten better at it and decided that I should share what I’ve learned with all of you out there.  But first, consider this startling fact:  If you fail to collect just one $30 copay per day, that’s $500 at the end of the month that you

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Some problems with Theravive is a therapist directory site not unlike Psychology Today or Good Therapy.  After I quit using Good Therapy, I got a call from Theravive inviting me to try out their listing.  I decided to give it a try.  Why not?  Since then I’ve noticed some problems with the site.  I tried calling them yesterday so that I could discuss these problems as well as my suggestions for making things better.  After spending a while clicking through the site I

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Give yourself that time to recharge

If you’re a therapist in private practice, and you’re anything like me, you can feel guilty about going away on vacation.  Although I try to take my vacations during the slow months, there’s no way you can time it so that all of your clients are in a good place when you go on vacation.  I had taken on a few new clients right before I left who were eager to get going in therapy, only to hear that I

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“Call me when you’re desperate”

All this talk about “fake” clients and “prospective” clients that waste our time made me think of an anecdote from Richard Bolles.  For those of  you that don’t know, Richard Bolles is the author of “What color is your parachute?” and is considered the leading career counselor alive today, if not of all time.  If you’re wondering how a top therapist deals with tire-kickers, he describes this encounter in one of his other books: Like us, Bolles saw clients in

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