In addition to being a professional counselor, I am also an independent author. The books I write are geared towards other mental health professionals so that they may provide quality care to their clients. I’ve written three books so far: “Couples Counseling: A Step by Step Guide for Therapists”, “Tricks of the Trade: How to be a Top Notch Mental Health Counselor in an Age of Competition”, “Results Directed Therapy”, “Ending the Power Struggle: A Step by Step Guide for Couples Counselors”, and “Surviving the Toxic Family”. You may visit my Author Page on by clicking here


Couples Counseling: A Step by Step Guide for Therapists


Book Cover - CC (6x9) 3D resizeCouples counseling has been called the most difficult form of counseling to administer, and many therapists either refuse to participate or do so badly. When I was starting out in couples counseling, I found professionals quick to criticize the practice but offer little in the way of improving things for struggling therapists. It was my goal to write a straightforward, easy to understand book that would help more failing therapists succeed at this sorely needed therapy.

After receiving a lot of urging from both clients I’ve worked with and fellow therapists, I created a step by step guide for other therapists on how to conduct couples counseling. In this book, I explain in detail the method I created for conducting couples counseling so that other therapists may easily duplicate my style of counseling.

This is not meant to be a self help book, but rather a concise, evidence-based book for therapists and mental health professionals.

My book is available for purchase on! You can click here to go to the page on Amazon.

Tricks of the Trade: How to be a Top Notch Counselor in an Age of Competition

Book Cover - Tricks of the Trade (6x9) 3DThis book is also a guide geared towards professional counselors and mental health practitioners.

The field of mental health counseling is rapidly changing. Therapists are finding themselves having to compete in a saturated market where clients switch from therapist to therapist without a second thought. Yet, for all of the advances in the field of counseling, it seems that the quality of therapists have come down. As a therapist, I often have to deal with the aftermath of clients’ previous therapists. Some of the complaints I have heard have truly shocked me, others I have heard so many times I am not surprised. The Internet and web-forums are filled with “therapist horror stories” and other venting over bad therapy. Stories like this hurt the profession as a whole and make others reluctant to see a therapist when they need help.

It seems that in the world of counseling there are certain “unwritten rules” to be a successful counselor. These rules aren’t taught in graduate school, and so the counselor is left to either somehow figure out the rules on their own or are doomed to fail as a counselor. It seems that every profession has its “tricks of the trade”, that once learned, makes work easier and provides success. After I began my career as a therapist, I was left wondering “what are the tricks of the trade of the counseling profession?” and spent the next several years searching for them. This book is written for both beginners and experienced therapists alike. My goal is to help others discover the secrets to becoming a top-notch therapist so that they may be able to experience the success and personal satisfaction they had sought when they decided to become therapists. Those that are willing to invest the effort will find themselves with the opportunities and rewards that come from being a top-notch therapist.

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Results Directed Therapy: An Integrative & Dynamic Approach to Psychotherapy

RDT Book Cover (Front) resize

Results Directed Therapy (RDT) is an integrative and dynamic approach to psychotherapy. Therapists using RDT are taught how to create a customizable approach to counseling in order to maximize success for the individual client and minimize drop-out rates and failures in counseling. In this book, therapists are taught how to quickly engage with clients from the very first session and then deliver therapy tailored to the individual needs of the client in order to bring about maximum results in a minimum amount of time. Mental health practitioners will learn what the research has to say about what really works in therapy and then how they can utilize these factors in their own practice.

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Ending the Power Struggle: A Step by Step Guide for Couples Counselors

ETPS Book Cover (3D) JPEG resizeThis book is meant to be a sort of sequel to my first couples counseling book.  The difference is that my first book was geared towards therapists at all levels whereas this one is meant for more intermediate or advanced couples counselors.

“Ending The Power Struggle” is a guide for couples counsellors who are looking for more advanced techniques in couples counselling to use with challenging couples.  This book takes you step-by-step through ten couples counselling sessions, addressing issues such as:

  • Power struggles between couples
  • Anger within the relationship
  • Resentment and distrust
  • Disillusionment within the relationship
  • Poor communication

This book outlines a complete system of couples counseling that provides you with effective techniques for helping even the most conflicted couples.

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Surviving the Toxic Family: Taking yourself out of the equation and taking your life back from your dysfunctional family

STTF Book Cover 3D

“Surviving the Toxic Family” is a valuable book for anyone trying to recover from the devastating effects of growing up in a toxic or dysfunctional family.  Drawing on engaging case studies, this book shows you how it is possible to recover from the trauma associated with a toxic family and leads you through the process to complete recovery.

This book utilizes a three step process:

1. Understanding why your family acts the way they do and why they treated you so poorly

2. Changing the rules so that you do not have to continue being mistreated by them

3. Taking your life back and living a life that’s more authentic and genuine

“Surviving The Toxic Family” promises to be a valuable tool for anyone who has a dysfunctional family, those with a loved one whom struggles with their family, and for therapists seeking to help clients from toxic families.  This book provides practical hands-on strategies for surviving even the most toxic and dysfunctional families.

My book is available for purchase on! You can click here to go to the page on Amazon.

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