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MYOB-logo-300x175I hope you’ve all been enjoying the MYOB conference!  For those of you who haven’t been, why not?  You don’t have any spare money for professional development?  It’s free!  You don’t have time to watch the presentations?  They’re up for 24 hours!  But here’s the really exciting thing; even if you’ve missed a bunch of them, you still ave a chance to see mine.  Mine s airing tomorrow.  To sign up, just go to

Would you like to know the secrets of maintaining a successful blog?  Would you not only like to get more clients but reap the other rewards of blogging as well?  Do you already have a blog but you aren’t getting anywhere with it?  Well, I’ll tell you what you may be doing wrong.  This is what my presentation tomorrow is all about:  How therapist can use a blog to create their ideal private practice.

I define “ideal” as a private practice where clients are running to you to make an appointment, where people don’t need convincing to choose you as their therapist, where you don’t have to “market yourself to death”, and a practice where you’re getting other opportunities unrelated to just seeing more clients.  My practice is exactly how I want it o be and I really feel like I have my blog to thank for that.  If you’d like to create the same thing for yourself, tune in tomorrow at to find out how!

And by the way, you don’t have t wait until tomorrow to sign up at  If you signup  now you can get reminders not just about my presentation but also about the other great presentations following.  Casey Truffo hasn’t done her presentation and she is a speaker not to be missed!

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