The MYOB Conference: What it is & why you should go

MYOB-logo-300x175Last year I got to be in the audience for an exciting new conference, a free virtual conference just for therapists in private practice.  Let me just say that I loved it then and I was looking forward to seeing it again this year, and so should you.  Because I am a huge believer in therapists helping each other out, and especially helping each other to succeed in private practice, I think that you all should be attending this conference which is just 12 days away!  So go one, sign up now!  Remember, it’s free!

So what is the MYOB conference exactly?  Like I said it’s a free conference geared towards therapists in private practice or those that would like to be.  Like last year, Stephanie has a series of experts, all therapists that have been successful in private practice, tell you their best tips for getting that successful practice.  It’s no holds barred, no bullshit, just straight to the point honest and practical advice on how to get your practice moving.

Not enough reason to attend?  The line of speakers this year is also excellent.  First up, we have Casey Truffo.  Casey is someone whose book and blog I have been reading forever and just reading the blog has done so much for growing my practice.  I always get excited when she does a video and this presentation will be about an hour long, so I’m super excited to watch it.  She is without a doubt one of the top experts when it comes to building a private practice, so the opportunity the see her speak for free should not be missed by anyone.

Next we have Ryan Thomas Neace.  I actually got to see him present live at the ACA conference this year and his talk was definitely 5 stars.  When I saw him present my first thought was “How have I never heard about this guy before?  He’s excellent!”  He definitely put my presenting skills to shame and is a top presenter all around.  He can teach you the practical skills you need to be successful in private practice.

Kathleen Mills will also be speaking.  She’s a top expert and blogger on the subject of HIPPA and safety.  Lets face it, private practice does come with some legal liability and it’s important, if not essential, to know how to protect yourself and your business.  I’m also really excited to see the presentation by Jennifer Sneeden, the author of the book “Building a 6-Figure Private Practice”, which by the way has excellent reviews on Amazon.

But of course, it’s not just about creating a practice that makes lots of money.  A lot of therapists have done that just to quickly burnout a year later.  A lot of us went into private practice because we also wanted to create a business that was less stressful than agency work, and speaker Evan Center is going to be presenting on just that.

And finally we have the blogging pair Miranda Palmer and Kelly Higdon of ZynnyMe.  I am really looking forward to seeing their presentation because ZynnyMe is a truly excellent blog filled with awesome advice for the private practice.  There were many times in my journey in private practice where something scary would happen and I would turn to the internet to see if there was any good advice out there on what to do to fix it, and ZynnyMe would consistently pop up with great advice.

But let’s not forget, there is on last presenter: Me!  That’s right, you’ve been reading my blog posts forever and now you’ll get to see me present!  I’ve gotta say, it’s intimidating to be included in such an impressive lineup.  But even though I’m presenting June 30th, I plan on staying for the rest of the conference because just like you, I really want to learn from the pros!

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up right now!

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