Some problems with Theravive is a therapist directory site not unlike Psychology Today or Good Therapy.  After I quit using Good Therapy, I got a call from Theravive inviting me to try out their listing.  I decided to give it a try.  Why not?  Since then I’ve noticed some problems with the site.  I tried calling them yesterday so that I could discuss these problems as well as my suggestions for making things better.  After spending a while clicking through the site I could not find a customer service number or email address to save my life.  Now I know they have a number because they have called me on the phone, but I couldn’t find it.  I guess we’ll call that problem #1.

The next problem is the same one that Good Therapy had: There is no where to list the insurances you take!  This should be located somewhere prominent on your profile where the client can easily see it.  The client should also have the option to search for therapists based on the insurances they take.  This would really be great because it would save everyone time.  I get a number of calls from people who found my listing on Theravive, just to have them then say “Oh I have medicare” and me say “Sorry I don’t take care medicare”.  It’s just a waste of time for everyone.

The third problem is a big one.  For some reason, clients who see my listing think I’m somewhere else in Massachusetts.  The first time this happened I thought “The person must just be confused, I know I gave theravive my exact address.”  But these calls keep coming.  Things seem to be going great, then they find out I’m actually in Boston and say that’s too far away and that they thought I’m in their home town.  I got 6 calls like this yesterday from people who found me on Theravive.  Each one thought I was in a different city and ultimately decided not to make an appointment because they didn’t want to drive out to Boston.  I decided to get more information from each one:

Me:  “Are you looking at the listing on Theravive right now?”

Client:  “Yes”

Me: “What does it say for location?  Can you find where it says my address?”

Client:  “I see it.  It says you’re ‘Near Worchester’, it doesn’t give your exact address”

I did this with each person who called and they all said the same thing but gave a different city that I was supposedly “near” or “located in” according to my listing.  One of the prospective clients got really frustrated with me and said “Why would you say you were near Worchester if you’re all the way out in Boston?!”  He essentially accused me of running some kind of scam.  I explained to him that I had given Theravive my actual address and then he just thiught I must be incompetent and don’t know how to use a computer.  Great, the impression theravive is given prospective clients is that I’m either a scam artist or an idiot.  Clearly Theravive needs to do something to make it more obvious to clients where the therapist is actually located.  Again, huge waste of time otherwise.

The last problem is not a big one and I hesitate to even write it.  When you upload your picture for your profile, it has to be a picture of you taken outside.  They will not accept anything else.  If you try to submit anything else, they’ll just leave your profile blank.  Their web theme is of the outdoors so I imagine they did this in order to keep their theme coordinated but I don’t think it’s necessary.  I had professionally done head-shots and they were rejected.  Eventually I just have to take a selfie in the woods and they accepted that.  It just seemed unnecessarily controlling.

I truly hope that Theravive reads this blog post and takes these suggestions.  It has the potential to be a great directory, it just has a few problems.  Like I said, I do get a lot of calls due to my Theravive listing.   It would be nice though if I was getting calls from people who knew my location and knew the insurances I do and don’t take.

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