Therapists stealing from therapists PART 2!

therapistcouchSo, you’ll remember in my previous post that I had an awful experience with someone copying my website.  Well, apparently my website is just the gold standard of therapist websites because it happened again!  I guess I should be flattered by this?  But the good news is that this second time around went much better than the first.

After what happened last time, people were telling me that I shouldn’t have even bothered contacting the other therapist, that I just should have gotten them banned from Google and had their website taken down; all of which you can do if someone steals content from your webpage.  After the way the other therapist acted, I had wished I had done that too.  So when it happened again, I wondered if I should just go ahead and report them.

After thinking about it, I decided that just wasn’t me.  Taking away a therapist’s website would really hurt their business and livelihood.  I would feel bad about that. I still also have a strong belief that therapists should be helping other therapists.  I also believe that when choosing between two options, you should make the kinder choice.  Maybe this is naive, but it’s who I am.  So I decided that I would repeat what I did last time and reach out to this therapist and give her a chance to remove the duplicated content without penalty.  Well, let me just say I’m glad I did and that this therapist could be a case study on the right way to respond in this situation.

First of all, she called me back immediately.  She was very friendly and let me know that this was a shock to her because she had hired someone to do her website.  She said she would look into it and remove the duplicated content.  She then went on to do that the very next day.  We then spoke again and I thanked her for being so prompt and courteous.  She thanked me as well for giving her an opportunity to make the situation right.  We both left the situation feeling good about what happened.  Isn’t that much better than the alternative?

After this exchange went so well it got me thinking about why the last time was so upsetting.  Looking back, I think that the reason why the other therapist didn’t call me back was because she panicked.  She got caught and didn’t know how to deal with it so she decided to just ignore my voicemail and hope that I forget about her.  When I emailed her a week later, she responded, but I think that the reason why she was distant in her email responses is because she was afraid that I could use what she said in court against her.  You can sue people for copyright infringement and maybe she was afraid of that.  However, I’m far more likely to want to sue someone if they’re unapologetic and give me the run around!

So anywho, if you ever find yourself in this situation, be friendly and cordial, get back to the person immediately, remove the duplicate content immediately, and be sincerely apologetic.  It’ll go much better for you than jerking someone around who is only trying to do you a favor by contacting you first.

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