My latest couples counseling book is now available on Amazon!

ETPS Book Cover (3D) JPEG resizeI’m very happy to announce that my latest book is now available on!  The book is called “Ending the Power Struggle: A Step by Step Guide for Couples counselors”, and like all of my other books, I wrote it with therapists in mind.  You might be thinking “But didn’t Marina already write a couples counseling manual?”  That’s true, I did.  And although my first couples counseling book was very general, this one is more specific.

“Ending the Power Struggle” is a sort of sequel to my other couples counseling book.  It assumes that you have either already read my first book or you are at least an experienced couples counselor.  This book contains more advanced couples counseling techniques and is meant to be used with very high conflict couples.

Have you ever worked with a couple that was so high conflict that you just couldn’t help them?  This book gives you the tools so that you can.  Please check it out.  I’d love to hear what people think about my new book. You can purchase my book from Amazon by clicking here!

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