Imagine what you could accomplish in a year from now

Victorian-house-after-porchI’ve mentioned in some other posts about how it was always a dream of mine to buy a Victorian fixer-upper and fix it up.  Last summer I found the perfect opportunity and despite my better judgment, I bought the house.  Everyone warned me not to do it.  They said it was too much work and that I’d never be able to finish it.  However, this was my dream and I was getting to a point in my life where if I didn’t do it now I probably never would.  August 1st of 2013 we moved in and started working on the house.

Our first day at the house when I looked around and saw everything that I had to do and the reality dawned on me, I felt so anxious that I became sick.  But I knew it was too late to back out now.  We could never sell it in it’s current condition, so I got to working on the house that very first weekend.  And worked I have!  The husband and I have have been working on the house bit by bit, evening by evening, and weekend by weekend since last August.  In less than a year’s time, the house that “would take my whole life to finish” is almost done.  Next week the new fence get’s put up and the new floors are being installed and then it’s done.

Keep in mind that during this time I’ve also been running a full time private practice, working on a second business, and writing another book.  Some people might read this and think “That’s impossible” or “She must have had to give up a lot in order to make time for all this.”  And yet I get 9 hours of sleep each night, exercise 5x a week, and still cook dinner.  But I will admit that I watch very little television and don’t go on facebook.

Really, it’s just the power of incremental progress.  When you work on something a little bit every day, or even just most days, after a year you’d be shocked at what you’ve accomplished.  The day I moved in to this house I never would have thought I’d be almost finished restoring it in less than a year later, but I just kept pushing through because I knew if I did it would eventually be done.  For months it seemed like we weren’t making any progress.  As we were working on one project we’d find yet another thing that needed to be fixed and it seemed like for every step we made forward we’d take two steps back.  Then suddenly, after finishing another small project, I looked around the house and realized it was almost done.  Seemingly it had been transformed from a house of horrors into my dream house over night.

What goal have you been putting off because it seemed too hard?  Maybe that private practice you’ve been talking about doing for years?  Maybe it’s some other career goal or life goal?  I truly believe that you can accomplish just about anything in a year when you work on it a little each day.  People are going to tell you it’s impossible or that you’re crazy, but just keep going.  A year from now you’re going to be happy that you did.


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