If you’re in private practice, you need a business coach

I started working with a business coach recently and suddenly I’ve realized what’s been missing from my life all these years!  If you’re reading this because you’re interested in hiring a business coach, let me first just say that I went into it with different reasons than most therapists do.  I’m at a place right now that probably a lot of therapists wish they were at.  My schedule book is full and I have a successful practice.  I decided to hire a business coach not because I was struggling to find clients, but because I was wondering what the next step was.  My questions were:  “Can I make things more efficient?” “Can I work less hours while making the same money?” “Can I add on other revenue streams?”  “Can I stabilize my practice so I don’t experience the seasonal changes as intensely?”  The answer from my coach was “Definitely!”

I’ve read a lot of marketing books and blogs and thought I had figured it all out.  I now realize I knew nothing.  My coach has been a big help to me and I wish I had had one from the beginning of my practice.  I realize I wouldn’t have had to work so hard and would have reached success much sooner.  If you’re thinking of hiring a business coach, I recommend hiring one that specializes in therapists.  One of the issues I found in the multitudes of telemarketers that would contact my business trying to pitch a sale, is that none of them specialized in therapists and if you pushed them on the issue, they would admit that they had no therapist clients.  They assumed that people hired a therapist the same way they hired a plumber.  Of course, we know that that’s completely false, but I think it’s an assumption that a lot of non-therapists make.  That’s why you need to hire someone that specializes in our market.

When I was looking to hire my business coach, I narrowed it down to three candidates: Dianne Dawson, Casey Truffo, and Deb Legge .  I decided to go with Dianne because after talking with her, I felt an instant connection.  It was sort of like that moment when you try on the right wedding dress.  I just knew that this was the right coach for me.

Although having a business coach is sort of like having a therapist for your business, unlike our clients, you can’t pay for it with your health insurance.  A business coach is going to cost you, but you should really think of it as an investment.  A good coach is worth every penny and you will get that money back and then some through increased productivity and revenue.  A good coach should also provide ways for you to measure if your time together is working.

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